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The Music

We are so privileged to work with these amazing artists on the music heard in Patterns of Evidence: Young Explorers. We encourage you to check out all their work below.

Connor Flanagan

Singer/Songwriter – Connor’s artistry has brought a unique energy to many scenes in Young Explorers. But it is his lyrics that really hit home. You you can hear his music throughout season 1.
Website • Twitter • iTunes • Spotify

Sparrows Rising

Singer/Songwriters – Stacia Ray and Maygen Lacey.
Website • Facebook • iTunes • Spotify

Marissa Barry

Singer/Songwriter – Marissa’s music inspired us right from the start. Her tender vocals accompanied by simple arrangements leave listeners with a carefree smile. You can hear her song “Hesitant” featured at the beginning of episode 3.

Grayson Howard

Composer/Producer – Grayson wrote the opening composition for Young Explorers and his talent can be heard throughout many of the episodes.
Website • Soundcloud • Facebook

Joe Beier

Website • Facebook • iTunes • Spotify

Wesley Lewin

Website • YouTube • iTunes • Spotify

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

Soundtrack – Much of the music found in Young Explorers comes from the film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus soundtrack which includes musicians like David Rohl, Jonathan David Neal & Robert P. Barrett Jr.
Store • Facebook • iTunes • Spotify