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Partners of Patterns of Evidence

Grateful to our Movie Partners for Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. We focus on providing answers to questions about the Bible—particularly the book of Genesis—regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth… MORE

Ratio Christi

Ratio Christi: (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ.. MORE

Teach Them Diligently

Teach Them Diligently was born out of a recognized need for more events that celebrate Gospel-centered homeschooling. Their mission is to help families fulfill the Great Commission by providing them with opportunities to unite around the Gospel, and with resources that encourage, equip, and inspire them to bring up and educate their children as ambassadors for Christ… MORE

Creation Ministry International

Creation Ministry International: “Our role is to support the church in proclaiming the truth of the Bible and thus its Gospel message. We provide real-world answers to the most-asked questions in the vital area of creation/evolution, where the Bible is most under attack today—Genesis… MORE

Creation Museum

Creation Museum: Prepare to believe as Bible history comes to life at the Creation Museum! This family-friendly attraction near Cincinnati explores creation science with stunning exhibits, dinosaur bones, fossils, botanical gardens, a planetarium, zoo, zip line course, and more… MORE

Ark Encounter

Ark Encounter: Bigger than imagination, experience Bible history at the life-size Noah’s Ark! Meet Noah, his family, and the animals on the Ark. The family-friendly Ark Encounter theme park near Cincinnati also features a zoo, zip lines, and timber-frame restaurant… MORE

Christian Cinema

Christian Cinema: The only transactional, video-on-demand site dedicated to Christian content. With more than 3,000 titles for rent or purchase, families of faith can turn to Christian Cinema anytime, anywhere for cinema-worthy Christian movies… MORE

Giving Company

Giving Company: Out of Christ’s powerful teaching comes a company uniquely capable of serving the Kingdom. iDisciple, Christian Cinema, Family Christian, and Dove.org have joined forces to bring Christ’s saving word to the ends of the earth. Welcome to a whole new level of reaching, discipling, inspiring, and transforming the world. Introducing Giving Company… MORE

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations is a classical, homeschool, Christian education community that has been a never-ending source of support, encouragement and fellowship for over 150,000 K-12 students worldwide. We provide resources, training and guidance using a proven curriculum which has been tested and refined for more than 20 years. 

We believe that one of the keys to making the most of everything a homeschool education makes possible is our community. This is what sets us apart from all other homeschool education programs. And it’s this unique community, more than any other factor, that explains why more than 50,000 families worldwide have chosen to make Classical Conversations an essential part of their homeschooling journey… MORE