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Film Cast

Timothy P. Mahoney

Investigative Film Maker, Author  – Producer and Director of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, co-writer A Filmmaker’s Journey and The Evidence of Faith

Randall Price

C0-Director, Qumran Cave Excavation Project – Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University. Author, Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls

William Dever

Archaeologist – Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Arizona. Distinguished Visiting Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Lycoming College

Donald Redford

Egyptologist, Penn State University – Author, Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times

Douglas Knight

Professor Emeritus of Hebrew Bible – Vanderbilt Divinity School. Co-Author, The Meaning of the Bible (used in numerous colleges and seminaries)

Peter J. Gentry

Professor of Old Testament Interpretation – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Author, Kingdom through Covenant

Duane Garret

Professor of Old Testament Interpretation – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Author, Rethinking Genesis

David Rohl

Egyptologist – Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University. Author, Exodus—Myth or History

Brian Ricket

Bible Scholar – CEO and Principal Researcher, MIKRA Research Laboratory. Professor of Biblical Studies, BMA Theological Seminary

Jodi Magness

Distinguished Professor Of Early Judaism – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Os Guinness

Social Critic, Author – Authored over 30 books including Time for Truth (2000). Fool’s Talk (2015) and Last Call for Liberty (2018).

Orly Goldwasser

Professor of Egyptology, The Hebrew University

Chris Naunton

Egyptologist – George Washington University. International Association of Egyptologists President

Rabi Manis Friedman

Biblical Scholar, Author – Hasidic branch of Judaism member, know as Chabad Lubavitch: a teacher, counselor and philosopher, lecturing around the world

Douglas Petrovich

Professor Of Biblical History And Exegesis – The Bible Seminary author. The World’s Oldest Alphabet

Christopher Rollston

Professor of Northwest Semitic Languages – George Washington University. Specializing in the study of ancient inscriptions (epigraphy) and writing systems (paleography) receiving the prestigious “Frank Moore Cross Prize for Northwest Semitic Epigraphy

Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron

Torah Scholar, Author