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Who Really Wrote the First Five Books of the Bible?

A new film in the award winning Patterns of Evidence series

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Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy

Is the Bible the inspired word of God? Or is it a book of fables and myths?

Award-winning investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney and his Patterns of Evidence team return with a brand-new examination into The Moses Controversy.

Mahoney was raised to believe the stories of the Bible were true. But mainstream scholars reject the Bible’s claim that Moses wrote the Exodus journey as an eyewitness account, they believe it is just an exaggerated tale. These scholars emphatically declare Moses didn’t even have a writing system like Hebrew to record it; instead, the writing of Exodus came more than one thousand years after the fact.

Since the Bible claims that Moses was the author of one of the greatest stories in the entire Bible—the Israelites’ Exodus out of Egypt and their journey to Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God—Mahoney realizes that the question of Moses’ ability to write its first books impacts the credibility of the entire Bible.

Traveling throughout the Middle East to see where the patterns lead, Mahoney uncovers profound new scientific evidence you have to see to believe! 

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It’s compelling, it’s thought provoking, and in the end, it is triumphant.
Bill McAvinney
, President, CBMC
The Moses Controversy is a compelling, must-see film for everyone who takes the truth seriously. … There are few films that have captivated my attention like this one.
Joseph M. Holden
, PhD, President of Veritas International University.
We learn from this film—and it’s overwhelmingly important—the same moment that God was speaking to human beings directly at the revelation at Sinai, He was also giving human beings the knowledge of creating an alphabet that could make those words permanent and eternal.
Michael Medved
, Author and Radio Host
The Moses Controversy underscores how Exodus is the master narrative of our American and Western freedom.
Os Guinness
, Social Critic and Author
A great argument for the Bible with evidence supported by history—and it’s easy to understand!
Eric Sizemore
, Liberty Church of God
To the millennials who are today challenging the establishment, social institutions, structures, and established norms and traditions that we’ve accepted, they need answers like this one, and I think this is a Godsend.
Pastor A.R. Bernard
, Christian Cultural Center
The Moses Controversy is a fascinating and compelling story that brims with intellectual fire-power for those who are open-minded enough to give the Bible’s authorship a second look.
Rabbi Adam Jacobs
, President Aish New York
Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy brings to life the Bible. It takes you back into history and delivers on its promises that the Bible is an accurate accounting of historical facts. Great family viewing.
Jackelyn Viera Iloff
, Lakewood Movie Night
A thought-provoking reconsideration of the evidence and a richly-rewarding journey.
Peter J Gentry
, PhD, University of Toronto

Patterns Of Evidence Film Series

Patterns of Evidence is a documentary film series that travels through the Bible, investigating evidence of its historical credibility, the accuracy of its transmission through the centuries, and how it impacts the modern world.

Timothy Mahoney is an award-winning investigative filmmaker, raised as a Christian, who now has the same question that many today are asking: Did the stories recorded in the Bible really happen?

In this film series, he sets off to seek answers by traveling to the locations where biblical events are said to have happened. Along the way, he interviews leading archaeologists and scholars from all over the world who argue all sides of the debate about the credibility of the Bible. The biblical stories are retold, accompanied by dramatic reenactments and special effects.

Patterns of Evidence lets the viewer draw their own conclusions as it takes them on a journey to the ancient world of the Bible. This refreshingly balanced approach is inspiring and intellectually challenging for both skeptics and believers alike, providing profound new evidence that affirms the Bible.

Thinking Man Films is the production company for the Patterns of Evidence film series and television programs. Thinking Man Media is the book publishing, curriculum development, and distribution company for Patterns of Evidence media.


(in order of appearance)

Timothy P. Mahoney

Investigative Film Maker, Author  – Producer and Director of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, co-writer A Filmmaker’s Journey and The Evidence of Faith

Randall Price

C0-Director, Qumran Cave Excavation Project – Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University. Author, Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls

William Dever

Archaeologist – Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Arizona. Distinguished Visiting Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Lycoming College

Donald Redford

Egyptologist, Penn State University – Author, Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times

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