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My Crisis of Faith could be similar to yours…..

Come with me on a journey to the ancient past and I will show you amazing Patterns of Evidence matching events and places recorded in the Bible. Using the Bible as our guide, we’ll look for details in the biblical text revealing new evidence that many have overlooked or forgotten. Filmmaker and Author Timothy Mahoney

From TV Commercials to Investigative Filmmaking (1985-2002)

I’m Timothy Mahoney – an investigative filmmaker, author, husband, father of four married children and, now, grandfather of eight. I have owned my own television and video production business for over 30 years making TV commercials and documentaries. I also produced educational and online curriculum.

It was during that time of curriculum development that I started to interview a number of Bible scholars from a variety of viewpoints, liberal to conservative. And my interest in the Bible grew. Since I was raised in a Christian home, hearing biblical stories from my mother was common. My own attendance in Sunday School as a youth reinforced my understanding that the Bible was based on real events that happened in history. As I grew older, I learned that many people were unsure about the Bible’s historical credibility.

In 2002, I had the opportunity to travel to Egypt and make a documentary film on the route that Moses and the Israelites would have taken on their journey to Mount Sinai during the Exodus. Our film crew went to a number of locations; and one of the most important was in the region where the early Israelites would have lived in the land of Goshen, the northeast portion of the Nile Delta.

It was there that I interviewed a renowned Egyptologist, Manfred Bietak. I asked him if he had found any evidence for the early Israelites living in the area. He said, “So far not!” I was stunned. Here I had traveled to the other side of the world and gone to a place where few have been, only to be told that there wasn’t much evidence, if any, for the biblical event. I thought if anyone would have known, he would have been the one.

A Crisis of Faith

I continued filming in Egypt for the rest of the month but when I returned home I encountered the beginnings of a crisis of faith. It all came to a head for me one day while I was in the edit suite reviewing the footage. What happened next is documented in our first film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus and my book Patterns of Evidence: A Filmmakers Journey.

I know what it is like to have secret doubts about the Bible and I also know what it is like when you find answers. And sometimes you have to be very persistent to find those answers to discouraging questions. I didn’t want to believe something if it wasn’t true. But I also didn’t want to be lazy and just ignore the conflict, I had to be proactive. I took an objective approach and the first film took 12 years of investigation before it was finished.

On the journey, I was able to find amazing evidence that matched and affirmed the stories in the Bible. My own faith, as well as the faith of many others, has been encouraged greatly because of what has been revealed.

If you have wondered about the Bible and whether or not the events recorded in it really happened, come with me and I will give you an opportunity to see the evidence. You will hear from many viewpoints, pro and con. In the end, you can decide for yourself if these events really took place in history.

Follow the Evidence

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A New Approach – Patterns of Evidence (2002-present)

What makes this investigation different from many other attempts is that my team and I start by letting the Bible speak for itself. We ask the question, “What is the biblical text actually telling us?” From there we identify a pattern to investigate – a sequence of information recorded in the Bible that can help identify a particular geographic location or biblical event?

And yes, these types of sequences can be identified and used as criteria for the search.

A Patterns of Evidence approach uses the scientific method. Patterns are much stronger than one random piece of information. Archaeologists and Egyptologists that use this approach are able to look at the biblical text and archaeology in a new light, allowing them to see patterns of evidence when they match the Bible.

In many cases, these patterns have not been recognized due to academic paradigms or biases against the Bible over the years. A Patterns approach opens the door for us to explore historical events beyond the times and places where tradition has placed them.

Thinking Man Films and Media (2014-Present)

I am a thinking man and have always been genuinely interested in history, origins and the Bible.

In 2014, I created a new company called Thinking Man Films and Media to produced the Patterns of Evidence films, books and curriculum. In this series, I am asking big questions like, “Did biblical events really happen and if they have, is that evidence that God has acted in history?”

I believe that it is important to think more deeply about these past events than our culture would suggest. Today, much of our free time is spent amusing ourselves. Our films make you think more deeply. They are unlike films that just amuse. The Latin meaning of “amuse” is “not to think or without thinking.” The films and media that we are producing are for thinking people. But that does not mean they are boring. On the contrary, the deeper content is a part of their entertainment value. They are also cinematically entertaining because they take you on a journey to places in the world that you may never visit.

You’ll see creative visuals like the Wall of Time that demonstrate concepts that might normally be considered abstract – but now become clear.

There is a time and a place for amusement. But there is also a time and a place to think about the past, how it connects to the present and what the future might hold. I see life as this brief period of time that each one of us has to search for answers. Where did we come from? Why are we here? And what can we do to make the best use of our lives? Our decisions on how to live well and rightly are important. The question of whether you can trust the Bible has a tremendous impact on how you answer these questions. Because if it’s true, it changes everything!

Come, join the journey!

Timothy Mahoney

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WE INVITE YOU to continue the journey of discovery by signing up for free Patterns of Evidence Thinker Updates.