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Evidence Linked to Scripture That Grabs your attention and Helps Make God’s Word Tangible!

Our Quest Curriculum is a challenging, exciting and intriguing journey through the lands and civilizations of ancient Egypt and Canaan.  It will challenge students in three major areas:

  1. HISTORY with a focus on Ancient History.
  2. BIBLE reading and exploring key events of the Old Testament.
  3. CRITICAL THINKING ability to ask questions and seek answers using physical evidence, information gathering and strong reasoning.

Enter the world of Historical Apologetics as you join Tim Mahoney on his search for archaeological evidence that matches the biblical account of the Exodus and Conquest.

CURRICULUM INCLUDES: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus book, DVD, study guide and… BONUS Quest Journal!

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Raising a Thinker

We believe it is more critical than ever to train our students to THINK for themselves, especially about their beliefs. This curriculum gives them the tools to start THINKING about their faith, while grounding them in biblical history for support.


We have a CHALLENGE today with strong criticism against the truths of the Bible. Most mainstream scholars are saying the Bible is not accurate or true. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN your student gets challenged from a scholar who is discrediting the Bible. Will your student be so encouraged by God’s Word that they can discredit the doubt?


Our SOLUTION is the QUEST Curriculum. Here your student partners alongside Tim Mahoney, looking for answers for the doubt. They will follow the Historical Investigation of the Biblical account of The Exodus and hear from various scholars with various options. They will use critical thinking to deal with questions and doubts they encounter, but need to be equipped to face. We want your student to walk away from the course saying… ‘YOU CAN TRUST THE BIBLE’!


Educational Standards: Full year, 1 credit high school course in Historical Apologetics

This curriculum is an introduction into apologetics (from Greek ἀπολογία, “speaking in defense”). It seeks to provide students with training in how to see, think and defend their faith in response to the world.

Bundle Pack Includes:
  • Complete Curriculum digital download (with answer key)
  • Patterns of Evidence – A Filmmakers Journey hardcover book
  • Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus Collectors Box Set (multi discs)
  • BONUS Quest Journal included for free

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“Many of you might not realize it yet, but there is a world out there that has a very different belief system from what you’ve been taught. This world doesn’t believe in the Bible, in fact, they are not even sure there is a God…through this curriculum you can become a “thinker” and learn for yourself about the Patterns of Evidence that DO match the events recorded in the BIble. This knowledge will be a good foundation in what we are calling, Historical Apologetics. A defense of your faith in the area of history and reason.”
– Tim Mahoney
, Patterns Of Evidence