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Biblical History Curriculum

Take Your Children on an Egyptian Adventure! Immersed In the Mystery, Suspense and Exploration Written In God’s Word!

Meaningful and easy to teach curriculum that will help build your child’s faith. Curriculum includes: 5-disc video series and workbook. BONUS: Family Bible Study Included

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“The way you’ve thought through how to present weighty material to a young audience in an interesting way is outstanding! May God help you reach many young people with the truth of the history preserved for us in the Bible!”
Cheri Fields
, Creation Science 4 Kids

Raising a Thinker 

We believe it is more critical than ever to train our students to THINK for themselves, especially about their beliefs. This curriculum gives them the tools to start THINKING about their faith, while grounding them in biblical history for support.


Covering historical content that connects the Bible to the Bronze Age of ancient History. Discover a remarkable pattern of evidence for the Israelites in Egypt, the calamities of the Exodus and the Conquest of the land promised to Abraham.


Our Bible component is based on the Old Testament. Many readings from Genesis and Exodus. The importance of reading and searching in the Biblical text will keep our children knowledgable and engaged with God’s Word in a generation that struggles making time for biblical literacy.

Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking component is a skill practiced throughout the entire workbook. Students are challenged to listen to a variety of viewpoints from scholars and archaeologists regarding potential evidence for the Bible. They will have to examine the comments and look for Patterns of Evidence that are presented to them.

Curriculum Schedule Options:

30-Weeks or 15-Weeks (½ year)

Topic Points:

History Chronology • Exploration • Critical Thinking • Biblical Lessons • Memory Verses • Bible Stories • Journaling • New Vocabulary • Ancient Egypt • Memory Recall • Skills Maps

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Additional Workbooks

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