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Become a Patterns of Evidence Changemaker? 

A Changemaker is a person who realizes the Bible has changed the world and wants to share in that mission. Is that you? Well now you can, by bringing our films to theaters in your area.


Choose the film you would like to host in your theater.


We want to tell you about an exciting new opportunity to join the Patterns of Evidence team and bring Bible-affirming evidence to your community. This idea came about because we’ve received so many emails and letters from people, like you, telling us how much our films have meant. You’ve been asking how you can make a difference and get the word out in your community.

We were so excited to hear this that we created a new group called Patterns of Evidence: Changemaker. A Changemaker is a person who realizes the Bible has changed the world and wants to share in that mission. Is that you? Well now you can, by bringing our films to theaters in your area.

Attitudes toward the credibility of the Bible have been declining for years. But Patterns of Evidence confronts these challenges with evidence. Evidence that has inspired faith. It’s encouraged whole families confidence in the credibility of biblical history. It’s even challenging those who are skeptical and unsure, to take a deeper look at what the Bible might mean in their own lives.

Does this mission excite you? It does us! The impact has been profound and transformative.

Screening the film in the theater gives a cinematic experience like no other. And having engaging discussion after the film brings everyone to a new place in their understanding about the Bible. In fact, Patterns of Evidence has become one of the biggest biblical investigations ever conducted in a film series. Winning numerous awards, our films have been shown in over 1600 theaters. And the Exodus film went worldwide on Netflix.

Still, there are many communities where few have seen this powerful evidence. That is why we’re looking for your help to bring the Patterns of Evidence Movement to the next level and become a Changemaker in your community.

We are launching a Theatrical On Demand program using a platform called Gathr. This new opportunity allows anyone to become a theater captain. It’s simple to do and it’s Free! As a Theater Captain you will have access to show our films, Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus or Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy at a theater in your community.


Requesting a theater just takes minutes. Just go to Patterns of Evidence.com and select Changemaker. Pick which of our films you would like to screen in your community. The film you select will immediately take you to the Gathr website where you will click on Host a Screening.

Next choose the theater in your area you’d like to have your screening at and then select the best dates available in the dropdown bar. Then Gathr our theatrical On Demand partner will book the theater and handle all the logistics.

All you have to do is spread the word to your community and get a certain amount of tickets reserved in advance. Each theater decides that number. And as you promote your screening, you will be able to see how many people have reserved tickets and how many you have left to go before the screening is a go.

Everything you need to promote the film, including training and resources, is on the website under Screening Toolkit. And we are here to help you along the way.

Bring others an experience that will impact, inspire, and encourage Bible-affirming change in their lives. We are looking forward to having you join our team as a Patterns of Evidence: Changemaker. Thank you!


“I’m convinced.”            “Ya, I want to watch it again.”

“I loved that he is able to bring the Bible to life.”

“The evidence is so compelling.”          “Ya I was totally blessed by it.”

“I appreciate the Bible more.  The minute I get home I am going to open it up and start reading.”

“I just want more. That’s what I want.”

“I feel like the entire movie blew me away!”

“Yes! Yes! Would everybody please see this thing?”